Dying Breed

by Frustration

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released March 30, 2012



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Frustration Dublin, Ireland

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Track Name: Last Will and Testament
How much of a penance do I have to pay?
Stepping over bullshit every single day
All I want is for these dark clouds to float away
Out of my head, out of my bed, out of my life.

Thats the only prayer that I know
Take this weight from me and leave my mind free to roam.
(Grab respite from this endless mass and let my body sleep)
Because it feels like we're getting closer to a new dark age
Even in my dreams society itself has caved

I place no faith in my religion, its overshadowed by pure rage
My strength and faith comes from my true friends
I'll stand with them until the last days.

Long sleeps and short days buried inside this dark tomb
Lying still terrified of the outside
And now I'm ready for the dark winter days
No more fearing yesterday
Because the dissapointment can only stay for so long
Before you either wither like the leaves or move on.
Track Name: Divination
Suffer the breaks but I'm never going to fade away
Now I know that tomorrow is another day
Because I've faced the worst and I seen it through
And I'll face the rest in time

In my life I have struggled to find
That feeling of comfort inside
I seen it all through eyes that were blind
And locked it all in the back of my mind
For the last ten years of my life

As I watched you struggle for so long
Always afraid to move on
On your own and you can't really see all your infinite possibility
I was lost so alone in my tragedy
Now I've found my peace with you next to me

Sick of the rain, sick of the grey, take a look at the empty sky
Now that I've seen the sun rise
I've found so much to do with my life
And for that I only have you to thank
You showed me another way, you took my pain away

And I'm hoping things will never change
Until my soul finds an empty grave
Track Name: Full of Grief
I never felt pain like I did that day
Right then I wished the whole world would just float away
Holed up in my room I blazed relentlessly
Spent whole months introspectively

But thats not the problem
Theres no solution
To all this conflict
Still no solution

(We must all move past the pain we carry)

I think that might be the meaning to this life
To find hope within the strife
And in the darkness see the light
But I'll keep on waiting for the truth to surface
I'll keep on waiting for a whole race to find their purpose

(but i'm always left questioning
how you avoided voices so deafening
goddamn there are just some things i'll never know
so build your walls but i'm breaking through
day by day we lived this way search for truth we're lead astray
ignore the facts they'll go away sufferings the price we pay
there's no limit any minute i'll get in it this is just the beginning but for you its the finish
I've lost my faith in us as time passed by
and i sit with my head in my hands wondering why
you turned your back on me, you severed ties
and where bonds once grew revenge lies)
Track Name: Sixth Circle
If you could go back would you do it all differently?
And how could I have known
that these dreams would still be haunting me
Demons inside my head can't seem to set them free
Demons inside my room won't seem to leave me be

Still I lie asleep at night
And dream of dark places that I've never been
Still I lie asleep at night
And dream of dark things that might never be

And its been haunting me for years
The truth is hiding behind every door
Behind every patched up wall
Lies a clue to something more
Now I'm trying to seperate whats real and whats fake
Before my heart breaks from everything that this world takes
Because man it takes and fucking takes

They told me it might help to find my roots
To look out for ones that mattered the most
But I searched and I searched
And all I found down there were ghosts
How hard it must be to feel alive
And only look on the bright side of life
Because I've tried and I've tried
But I still can't get past the empty nights

(I try and I try and I still can't get past the empty nights)

And you know the storm is coming
So you can't find peace inside the calm
Track Name: Mountains Between Us
Took you out to find the stars
But all I found was buried hearts
Thought it best to know the world
The view behind the atmosphere
But you can't see me anymore
You're locked behind the tightest door
And I've been searching for something
But the world owes me nothing more.

I fell asleep behind the wheel of my life
And now I don't see days all I see are dark nights
I'm tryna see myself a changed man
But if you life to yourself then change don't come fast
I thought I always endorsed honesty
And that was always the person that I tried to be
But if you lose sight of whats real
You lose yourself in two's and three's

Lost soul, this is a life that I'm letting go
Dark soul, this is a part of my mind that I have to let go
Thought I lived life,
since the moment I hung up the phone that day
But you helped me find a way to change
When my future had turned cold and I faded away.

Dark clouds, this is a life that I'm letting go
Sadness inside, this is a part of my mind
That I have to let die.
Track Name: Brother Against Brother
Theres no way to make amends
All you are is a lost friend
And brother we're not getting any younger
The passing years just rip away the ones you love
All I am is fucking tired.

Are we living in the past?
How many younger ones did we outlast?
Too old to spend my life regretting

Are we living in the past?
All these faces fade away so fast
And I don't want to watch you waste away

All that remains is nothing to gain
But a lesson to learn in dealing with pain
Your morality changed, I kept it the same
Now we're playing out this endless charade.

Those days are gone, everything changed
Another lesson to learn in dealing with pain
Brothers no more, we never forgave
March on to your empty grave
Track Name: Dead Earth
Yeah I seek out disaster,
My mind spinning fast into the spirit world
And this year I've been haunted
It follows me close and watches my every move
But I'm still here, followed by demons through all of the seasons
And all that pursue me,
I'm burning at the crossroads in this endless crusade.

And in the unemployment lines I've felt it
Growing like a cancer in this lifeless place
In the darkened eyes you can see the traces
The ghosts of hope on tired faces

Man I feel it too, whats left of me and you
Just to know we'll never be the same
Without the poison running through our veins

And man I feel my sisters pain
This world has her in twisted chains
No chance to start a family
Inherent evil in humanity

I don't want to be another empty fucking slave

I feel it in my bones, I think they're smoking out this city
Because the governments fucked, and the banks are corrupt
And a poor mans life just ain't worth living
Yeah my poor man's life just ain't worth living
Track Name: Apparitions of a Hundred Persons
Well I can't tell you who's to blame
But I can tell you where the weight is
Their empty words and bulging pockets
Explain to me the way the world works

And I keep finding that I'm sick of the lying
I'm in it for the struggle theres no sense in hiding

I was once alone like you, nowhere to turn with a whole in my mind
But I kept on pushing, kept on trying
And I never drew the line.

I know you feel the desperation,
I know the feeling of that sign on line
I know it hurts the live the hard way
Does it all get better in time?

(This is it, this is all I own,
empty hands and empty heart,
I was born to die alone,
their selfishness is poison,
I have faith only in myself,
I will not break, I will not be broken)
Track Name: Peace and Safety of a New Dark Age
All the days that have gone before
All the whispers in the wind of a life that I used to live
Were they all for nothing?

All the fun that we used to have
All the smiles on the faces of the people that I used to love
Are they all forgotten?

I'm lost, so lost, sick and tired of paying the cost
Screaming in these rooms and now we're left with nothing
Except a handful of memories
And an ageing uncertainty
The music it stays deep inside
But I can't stay out here forever

And all the pain, and all the hate, and all the sorrow
You can't drag it along into tomorrow
But I still have a life to save
I still have bones that break
And I still feel the world and all its chains

Set yourself apart from all this madness
Set yourself apart from all the sadness
When all you can do is set yourself free from all the lies
From all the great divides, that come in these dark times
When I was young I left this city with a lifetime of goodbyes
I see Vancouver every time I close my eyes

(When I look deep down in my soul,
See the reflection of a brother that I love as my whole
Its whats between us, you'll never beat us
By myself I'm not alone)

Set yourself free
Set yourself free
Set yourself free from all the lies

(Together, forever, united until the end)

(I'm breaking these chains that pull me
All I want to see is clear skies above me)

And all the pain and all the hurt and all the sorrow
You can't drag it along into tomorrow
The music it stays deep inside
But I can't stay out here forever

(Fuck your goodbyes, set yourself apart from the lies)